Welcome to Wardhall Dairy

We use our own goat milk to produce a delicious range of cheeses and curds and whey.

Please take a look at our products, which include:

Wardhall Blue (blue goats cheese), Bobbin (a goat milk banon), Allerby (a goat cheese in the style of a robiola) Isel (goat milk brie), Blindcrake (goat milk blue brie), Bridekirk (goat cheese crottin - plain, vine ashed and fiery), Tallentire (semi soft white goat milk cheese), Gillands Beck (fresh lactic goat cheese in six flavours), Flatts Beck (fresh lactic goat cheese with herbs parsley and garlic), Prospect (fresh goat cheese, both plain and vine ashed), Leathers Gill (mature goats cheese flavoured with green peppercorns), Redmain (goat cheese in the style of a St Maure), Solway (goat cheese in the style of the classic Feta).


Our products are all beautifully presented, which makes them great gifts for cheese lovers.


Wardhall Dairy was started in 2007 by Lynn and Thomas Ballantine Dykes at Ewe Close which lies at Wardhall - midway between Gilcrux, Arkleby and Parsonby in north west Cumbria.

Lynn makes all of the products by hand in a small purpose built dairy room on the farm and Thomas deals with the paperwork.

The dairy is just one of many activities taking place at Ewe Close Farm where ten different types of sheep - some rare breed - goats and pigs are bred.

The cheeses are sold at several regular local farmers markets and also at one-off events in the county as well as through farm shops.

A number of our cheeses feature in the menus of local hotels and restaurants.

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